Monday, July 16, 2012

07 . 16 . 12 | Disability Study

Nobi is advising on statistical design in a study that began in 2010 to improve health thereby reducing hospitalizations for disabled people. Three health insurance plans are participating, one of which is for disabilities due to severe persistent mental illness (SPMI), by examining the effects of sets of 11 interventions differing by plan somewhat.

The study employs large orthogonal designs with a few dozen nurses (care managers) and the thousands of people they provide telephonic care to. Health outcomes, preventive measures and acute admits are being tracked for analysis.

Typically, these designs have reduced hospitalizations from 5-20% with notable findings such as novel ways to reduce falls. Because each hospitalization costs an average of $10,000 significant savings in the $1-10 million range per study implemented are on file.

Study results are expected in late 2012. Implementation will then follow using the interventions found helpful. Interventions explored range from medications to counseling and screening efforts for the SPMI project, to educating patients on fall risks and changes to the care model for the chronically physically ill patients.

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